Arturo Gorlini Nuova Collezione Calipso 1 En@2x

The GEOMETRIES of the previous collection evolve and become embroidery. CALIPSO is the celebration of femininity and its power. An echo of carvings and openings with a romantic taste, to enhance the nymphs of today, the goddesses who know how to combine daily routine with innate charm that must never be missing.

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New Collection
Arturo Gorlini Sandalo Maculato Vista Dietro
Arturo Gorlini Sandalo Rosso Vernice Vista Dall'alto
Arturo Gorlini

“I have always known I wanted to draw in my life, since my childhood when my grandfather Arturo spent the afternoons passing on his knowledge to me”.

Always attracted by beauty and the achievement of a “personal perfection”, he has concentrated his inspiration and his love for art, architecture and “line” in order to create a product of different conception…

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Arturo Gorlini Made In Italy

An ARTURO GORLINI shoe represents the true concept of Made in Italy. Our company is a firm supporter of the constant enhancement of exclusively Italian quality, creativity and craftsmanship, known and appreciated all over the world. Our product is the result of a refined and unique stylistic vein, translated into three dimensions by the skilful craftsmanship typical of the Neapolitan footwear art.

Arturo Gorlini Decolette Tessuto Bianco E Pelle Argento

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