Arturo Gorlini was born in Vigevano in 1965, the world capital of footwear, the birthplace of the
stiletto heel and the cradle of the most famous stylists in the sector. He began his experience in
the footwear world by starting to train “in the field”, alongside skilled craftsmen to acquire the
basic knowledge inherent in the actual manufacture, and continued his graduation
from the famous “SHOE DESIGNER SCHOOL” in Vigevano.

Always attracted by beauty and the achievement of a “personal perfection”, he has concentrated his inspiration and his love for art, architecture and “line” in order to create a product of different conception.

His shoes are the reflection of talent and creative audacity. He personally researches
and selects the best materials by combining them with the most advanced technical solutions and
the exclusive heritage of master craftsmen who, with extraordinary ability and experience,
create exceptional shoes, all rigorously and completely Made in ITALY.

Shoes in fact, even if scrolling through the images, it is reductive to define them like this.
Rather seduction tools, collectibles, precious accessories and self-esteem injections.

“Highest quality shoes, using traditional techniques.”

“I have always known I wanted to draw in my life, since my childhood when my grandfather Arturo spent the afternoons passing on his knowledge to me”.

- Arturo Gorlini